Real world user acquisition for Web3 Projects & Protocols

Monstrè focuses on making it easy for anyone to learn about Web3 and blockchain technology. We strive to provide a user-friendly experience and eliminate barriers to entry. We specialise in helping Web3 projects and protocols acquire real- world users through our integration of Solana Pay, which facilitates easy onboarding onto the Web3 ecosystem.


Acquire users with just a tap!

With our monstrè gift cards, enable seamless onboarding onto your protocol in just a few minutes. With stickiness!

NFT Gift Cards

Enable your users to acquire valuable NFTs with just a tap of their mobile phones. 📱

Gone are the days where users have to pass through multiple hoops just to be able to get involved in an NFT community.

Monstrè NFT Gift Cards are perfectly safe and requires authentication before being able to interact with the smart contract! Perfect for gifting or even buying one for yourself

USDC Gift Cards

Airdrop SPL-Tokens like USDC seamlessly, enabling expanded use cases of Commerce and DeFi on the Blockchain.


Load game assets in the form of NFTs or SFTs easily into the cards, to easily onboard new users onto your game!

Payments 💰

Pay With Crypto

Whether for commerce, social or charitable causes, we got you covered!



Total NFTs/Tokens Distributed


New Wallets Installed

LEM Collection

500 Onboarded

Clubpets Collection

300 Onboarded

Blanktech Collection

50 Onboarded

Lisbon Hacker House

150 Onboarded

How does it work?

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Monstrè allows users to purchase gift cards through traditional fiat rails.


Through wallet to wallet messaging, user is authenticated and may interact with the smart contract.

Receive Assets

Interact with the QR Code/ NFC Tap on the gift card to receive assets straight to your self-custodial wallet!

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